Here are some top questions regarding your travel with Holidays Crowd.

General Enquiries FAQs

Everything you need to know about the product and how it work.

What type of tours or packages Holidays Crowd offers?

Does Holidays Crowd book train tickets?

Where can I find the addresses of Holidays Crowd offices or its Sales Partners?

How many travellers will be there as a part of a group tour?

Is the tour itinerary fixed? Or does it change while on tour?

Can I join or leave a tour midway? or can I opt for a part tour?

Can I extend my stay while on a group tour?

Booking & Payment FAQs

Everything you need to know about payment process & invoices.

Can I make full payment for the tour or holiday in one go?

What are the different payment modes for booking a tour?

While making payment, cheque should be in favour of which name?

Do you provide gift vouchers?

Can I use my gift voucher for my future tour?

Do you provide a Leave Travel Certificate (LTC)?

What documents are required at the time of booking?

What documents should I carry on tour?

Can I make online payment for my tour?

Are the tours open for LGBTQ+ community?

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